Introducing Euro Samoyed show 2023 and 10 years anniversary club show judges from Finland, Italy and Slovenia. On Saturday Euro Samoyed show 2023 Matti Tuominen (FI) will be judging males all classes and BOB, Katja Korhonen (FI) – females all classes. On Sunday 10 years anniversary club show Pierluigi Buratti (I) will be judging males all classes and BOB, Marta Bandur (SLO) – Females all classes.


Matti Tuominen

I am very pleased with the invitation, and in just a few sentences I will tell you about my life with Samoyeds. I think my dog hobby comes as a blood inheritance because my aunt raised Samoyed dogs when I was little. I could say that I know the Samoyeds like the back of my hand. Dog shows and breeding became my passion. It was immediately clear to me that I want to breed dogs that are also successful at shows. I got the kennel name KUURAN (eng. FROSTY) and already the first litter was born under my kennel name. My breeding Sammies were extremely successful and the Finnish Kennel Club awarded me the Vuolasvirta award for meritorious breeding work. I have always been interested in all breeds and bred some other breeds as well. Then my life situation changed and I moved to the city. The breeding of Sammies ended, but I was already a judge, so the hobby continues that way. I have had the honor of judging at specialty shows around the world in addition to other dog shows. I am looking forward to this upcoming show and I already wish everyone a really nice time at this great event.


Katja Korhonen

I´m Katja Korhonen from Finland. I have long history in doghobby, all starts in 1985 when first samoyeds move to my childhood family. I graduated as a FCI judge from the 2006 course and I first qualified for my own lovely breed Samoyed in 2007, which I had also bred under the kennel name Schatzave ( was established 1993). I have import samoyeds from Denmark, France and Latvia. And also co-operate and -owned dogs with Tuula Pratt, kennel Humoresque, I have export samoyeds to Japan, Canada, Russian and Sweden. In my childhood home, our family had a Samoyed, swedish lapphund, a Kleinzspitz and a whippet. I have also owned a Northbottenspitz, a Norwegian Elkhound and Flatcoated retrievers. At the moment 2 samoyed females, 2 flatcoated retrievers males and a Finnish Hound male living in our family. I trying to expand the following breed groups FCI4, FCI5, FCI6, FCI7, FCI8 and FCI10. So this judging hobby keeps me busy. I live with my family in Kempele, about 20km from Oulu, in North-Finland, in the middle of beautiful countryside, which provides a great setting for dog hobbies and a safe environment for the whole family. In my spare time, I am dog association activist, making dogshows in our area, and in autumtime I like also to hunt. I am looking forward to see many lovely samoyeds in may ESS 2023.


Pierluigi Buratti

Pierluigi Buratti, 65 years old, FCI Judge since 1997, and now All Rounder. I’m CIRN President (Italian Nordic Breeds Club), member of the Reggio Emilia dog Group Section since 25 years. For 6 years member of Enci (Italian Kennel Club) technical commission. I judged several times in almost all European countries and also in Russia, Canada, Brasil, Colombia, Perù, Argentina, Japan, Kazakistan ,Australia and India . I bred Samoyeds for 30 years , under the affix kennel name ‘Del Baffin’: several specimens of my breeding are Italian, European and World Champions.


Marta Bandur

I come from Slovenia and I am a German teacher at a high school in Maribor. In 1986 I got my first Samoyed. Since 1989 I have been breeding Samoyeds under the kennel name Blanja Polar. Later, I started showing my dogs at dog shows, which I still do now. My dogs are champions in many countries, BIS and BISS winners and my youngest male was the 2019 European Champion. I currently have 9 adult Samoyeds at home, some of whom are retired. In 2003 I became a judge for Bernese Mountain Dogs and now I am also a judge for the whole 5th group. I also actively participated in other cynological fields, among others I was the president of the Commission for Professional matters of Cynological Association Slovenia. I am now a boardmember of the Club for Nordic Breeds and Spitz of Slovenia and a member of the Breeding Commission for the 5th group. I look forward to judging at your show so I can see many beautiful dogs.